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Kate Beloselsky, tall, slim girl in an orange flannel dress, black shoes, cotton stockings, and a plaited braid with a bow ... lying in a coffin in a carpentry. Coffin was made by the pupils themselves, and it was put now on the bench. Her beautiful cute face was distorted by the... marks on her neck from the rope. The older girls, her friends, washed the deceased, dressed her as best as possible. Some girl gave their "output" dress, some almost new shoes, which had been brought from home.

 Martynov was forced to report to Moscow about the death of Kate. Then the investigator visited the orphanage and questioned pupils. All children without exception showed on rapist the teacher Fedorov Van’ka as the culprit of Kate’s death. He was called Van’ka not otherwise. He was the inveterate scoundrel, an alcoholic and a cad, capable of any meanness. He liked to beat up those who are smaller, using boots for beating. Once he was in a drunken stupor, beat eight years boy Vanya Sokolsky, broke his rib, after that the older kids decided to make him a "dark". The next day after the "dark”, Van’ka with a broken mug and black eye, went to complain to Martynov, as usual, drinking portion of his morning glass of vodka. Martynov drove him from office and did not listen to him. Since then, Van’ka was hiding but did not dare to beat the kids.

 Katya's relatives in Leningrad were not found. Her father was shot, and her mother died three years ago in the camp.

Martynov has decided to bury Kate in the village Korobeevo far away from the orphanage, about thirty kilometers. But the revolt of the kids and their demand for burial near the camp forced him to surrender. The boys have chosen a beautiful meadow on the hill a little aside of the road. The forest here, as though unclosed slender ranks of birch and pine trees ... and formed an open space. Daisies, buttercups and wild bells were growing on the glade. And lilies of the valley were always in bloom in Spring.

When Katya was buried all kids attended. One hundred and fifty children with uncovered heads surrounded the grave.

 From the "staff" was the only one teacher of physical education classes Emelyan Ivanovich with his wife, he was crippled with disfigured face from a shrapnel mine. He was the only man of the tutors who for his kindness has become a favorite teacher of children. He always protected them before Martynov, helped them as he could, fed them from his garden, always saving "guilty guys" from the punishment. His wife, Anna Petrovna, worked as a cleaner at the school, she was the same like he - kind, friendly woman.

 His story was well known: he could not resist and punched an officer in the face, who was career self-seeker, ruined his entire company at the end of the war. For this Emelyan Ivanovich was sent in a penal battalion. “Redeemed by blood”, as they said usually. He was demobilized, but to live in Moscow for him was not allowed ... And then he came to the orphanage.


The older boys dug the grave. Emelyan Ivanovich helped them. The girls decorated Katya with wildflowers, wove a wreath. Children filled the coffin with flowers, which are plucked in the woods and in the field ... from Black Lake brought lilies.

At first it was very quiet ... Emelyan Ivanovic said farewell words. He restrained himself while the grave had been digging ... But then he suddenly turned and started to cry ... Anna Petrovna cried too. And younger children, all at once as if on command, started a loud, prolonged wailing.


Time has passed. It was early autumn - September. Leaves of aspens reddened, birches and maples turned yellow. The birds flew away to warmer climes ... No more screaming bittern in the swamp.

 Van’ka Fedorov was arrested, and the investigator, accompanied by a policeman took him on the same day as he came. The investigation was carried out in a hurry because everything was so clear. Martynov was trying to intimidate the boarding nurse-midwife, demanding of her to distort the fact of the medical examination of Kate and would say to the investigator that there was no rape. But it turned out that the old woman - a tough nut to crack - refused to commit perjury.

- "I will not cover your street dogs, - said the old woman to Martynov. – He done it, let him be responsible under the law. Bastard lousy! Child's killer! Antichrist accursed! God sees everything!”-


“God does not exist "- snapped out Martynov and left with nothing. A midwife went to the investigator and gave testimony. Martynov was waiting for his removal from the post. All staff became quiet and lay low.

The next day after the funeral the children started a hunger strike and refused to obey the teachers. Volodya Obolensky was chosen to be an envoy to Martynov. He had the authority among the guys. He was called "Thinker" and "Socrates" for his intelligence, courage and ability to talk to teachers, as if he were an adult. In addition, it was he who proposed the creation of a “Secret Union of kids defense”, he developed the Charter, announcing the main task of protecting the interests of safety, dignity and honor of pupils. Volodya was elected chairman. Since that time all the speeches, protests, boycotts declared were carried out organized. Educators who beat children, were watched at least by ten of the strongest guys and, without saying a word, knocked them down, throwing a bag on his head and was subjected to the same execution as they subjected children. First Martynov line them up in rows, kept the kids outside in the rain and cold for hours, demanding extradition of leaders. It did not help. Pupils were silent. The suspects were put in solitary confinement, deprived of food. Again, no results. Union worked and acted.

 Now in the office of Martynov nobody was there except two of them. Martynov read an ultimatum of the Union, which called the names of five teachers and demanding to replace them with others. In addition, Union required appointing Yemelyan Ivanovich as a senior tutor. Food coming to the orphanage, he must verify, and record it, too, along with two representatives from the children. Martynov read the paper and threw it on the table. - "And if I do not do your cheeky claim?" - shouted Martynov.

 - "We will not stop the boycott and hunger strike." - "I do not care for your hunger! You will not hold on long, you will die of hunger! You have no more trumps left in there?! "-" We have, "- replied quietly Obolensky. - "What? If it’s not a secret? "-" We'll write to Moscow about your theft. " – “Nobody will believe you. You are the children of enemies ... And this will not reach the authorities. "

 - "It will reach! We will find a way. And most important, the late Kate and your bastard Van’ka! After all, he was a senior tutor? Your right hand? "-" Is that all? "- surprised Martynov. - "No. There is a surprise for you. " - "What?" - "Bust of Stalin, who was standing at the school, disappeared. And on it large inscription scratched: "BUTCHER" - "I told to paint it!" - "That's right. However, we will remove the paint and refurbish the inscription, and when the Commission will come, bust as such form will be exposed”. - "I’ll rot you in prison! In the camps! In the colonies! The Court will not consider that you're underage! "-

 "Maybe” - Volodya smiled.- “But only with you, Martynov. Your bosses will not consider this case at all. They do not care who wrote on the bust of the leader. For them, it will be most important, that here happened “emergency case” and you allowed it, you admitted it. Dry crackers for prison! "

 Martynov turned purple and began grabbing for breath as if he was about to have a stroke. - "It’s your idea? I know, you! Oh, you’ll see! Oh, you’ll see! "-" Please do not tell me “YOU”, I did not feed pigs with you, Martynov. Tomorrow at this time I will come for the answer. It is good that the investigator took Van’ka. He would not live here!” Volodya shut the door behind him.

 Curses of Martynov were heard from the room! "Not yet slaughtered! Contra! All you to the wall! In the cooler! Up against the wall all! Fuck your mother! "

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